Thunder Roads LA Magazine July 2017 - Page 22

LIPSTICK RIDER “flash” artist, gold star mom and crusader Happy Independence Day!!!! Thanks Marta for all you do serving our country, and thank You for our FREEDOM!! Time to celebrate our independence and time to salute the people who protect our freedom! This month I would like to introduce you to an extraordinary Lipstick Rider, she has served our country, served our community, and helped thousands in her crusade against suicide prevention. Our newest lipstick rider, Marta Martin a.k.a. “Flash” has been an active Navy for over 15 years and has been stationed in New Orleans for the last 13 as a Navy recruiter, under the same command and that’s a rarity in this day… Marta is a Gold Star Mom with a son who was in the Army that passed away before leaving to go to Afghanistan. Even though she sounds like a true New Orleanian, she told me she was originally from Vietnam and was adopted by an Air Force dad and the military was in her blood ever since! She has a full array of many golden talents as well, ever Frg&&VrƖRD@FrV&Ɩ26W'f6RV6VVBG2f"7V6FR&WfVFf"g&VR6^( 0'&ƖBFW"B'F7BB6^( 267&VFVBvV'6FRFN( 2vGFV7B2֖ƖG2vF&rB6^( 2FRvV&7FW"6R6G0vFg2VF"B6VRFN( 2vrF&VvFR6RFp2W"6rW"6F7V6FR6RWVBFRFB66R6RB7@W"6FB6RvVBR7W&R6R&FVB7V6FR&WfVFB6PvVB6R7W&R6RvVBƗfRW"ƖfRFFRgVƗ7BWfW'FF2v&fVFVW'2fW"VffW'6&6vFFRWF7V6FR&WfVF@66"FR֖ƗF'g&WfW'V"'F7F'FVBFFFRw&VVvBFBv27FFVBW&RBfVBFP6V"6V66&FW"F&RF6V&W'26RBFW&66R&RB6R7W&RFB6RvVBBvBW"FR7WFW7BƗGFR67FW"v^( fPWfW"6VVrFB6^( 2gVF6V&W"6Rv2fFVB26V7&WF'W"6V"BvfVW"&BRb( f6( ( bR66W"v6RG'VǒRRvFFVƖrRbFRG&2BG&'VF2FB6PB&VVF&VvBr'&vB6R6r&vBr6^( 2fW'V FRFW&WB6^( 2G'VRVG&W&VWW"vFFrB'F7Bv&6^( 0fB%n( W"FN( 2v2FrG&2BfFVrW"V&W26RWfVআ2UGV&R6V6VB%fG&V3SBvBfVB&WBW"FR7@B6^( 2Ɨfr7FBrV&W2rFRvFN( 2vB6G'VRƗ7F6&FW"FW&^( 2'F( 27F'FVRW'2bRvVBƖRF&RfVGW&V@2Ɨ7F6&FW"6VBR7F'BW"ff&FR72bRBW F&76RFFGW&T6BvRv6rFRv&BvB&@72Ɨ7F6&FW'2vRfRFWBFFGW&P#FVFW"&G2vRV6Vǒ#rwwrFVFW'&G6V66ЧwwrFVFW'&G6V66Vǒ#rFVFW"&G2vRV6#