Thunder Roads LA Magazine July 2017 - Page 10

patriots corner The opinion in this article does not necessarily represent Thunder Roads Magazine or its staff. This is mainly my opinion and of course those that agree with me. Today I was listening to local radio. One of those talk shows that call themselves non-bias. They asked the question if people thought the president was guilty of having dealings with Russia. Their guests on the show were a former FBI agent and a professor. So you can guess what that means. The professor means liberal and FBI means corruption in my opinion. When I finally got to speak I told the radio host that the speaker was a liberal. He asked me how did I know. The man was only on for 90 seconds thus far. What the brainwashed liberal radio personality doesn’t realize is liberals give themselves away in a matter of seconds. You can hear it in their words, and I call it “soft bashing”. When you listen to liberals they try to give you both sides of the story. One of the guests said he voted for the new president but gives you so many reasons why we all should be mad at the new president. That’s what I call a “closet liberal”. They say they are “for America”, but they only bash the current president. As I waited for my turn to talk on the phone again, I texted the radio personality to ask how could America trust the FBI when they told us that the woman running for president had committed several crimes and spit in the faces of the American people by saying they weren’t going to pursue any charges on her. Well he sort of made a joke about the question to the retired FBI agent. And the retired agent said that’s totally different. Then I kind of lost my mind just a little, I’m sure you understand why. I explained that it was wrong the way he made a joke about my question and he said I should hang up. Next, he threatened to put my phone number over the air. I can only assume so that all the whining liberals can call me. I 8 simply told him to do what he had to do. I saved the text and thanked him for the giving me some material for my next article :) I told him I would send him a copy of the magazine. Then I told him how his liberal media is the biggest threat to America (next to our own government). There is no honor in the media or in Washington. Its money, greed, and power, that’s all. Then I witnessed a man with a bandana on his face wearing glasses and a hood doing a live video on social media. As he is waiting for enough people to tune in, he started to talk as the onlookers cursed him and begged him to take off his mask. Suddenly he stopped and said: “let me do this right”. He took off his mask, his glasses, and his jacket. There stood a stocky black male. He then proclaimed,” This is what I’m about,” as he praised his father for being a marine. Praised America and all the people cursing stopped. He mentioned how stupid and how much bull it was to take down a statue. I am hoping to talk to the young man because as he talked and as I listened, I did not hear a black man I listened to an American. I listened to a man raised with Honor, Pride, and Integrity. Something that is lost in politicians and the media. My brothers and sisters I am not sure what’s next, but this American is concerned for this country. If we can get more people to think like the young man on that video, we have a chance. He gets it. Americans need to come together or we are doomed. Our government is like a bully in the schoolyard that gets in your face. We have to figure out how to clean up the most corrupt government in history. Any ideas? American Patriot, American Veteran Benton Lovoi Thunder Roads Magazine Louisiana | July 2017 | bike of the month THERE ARE ONLY 3 SPEEDS FAST, VERY FAST AND O CRAP! A lot of time and money goes into race bikes, racing fees, and travel expenses. Racers bring a type of entertainment that fills your heart with adrenaline and leaves you wanting more. This has never been truer for Kyle LeBlanc of Arnaudville Louisiana. By: JennIFER DUGAN This bike started from a bare frame. Kyle added parts from a previous 2001 drag bike he had, along with his own fabrication and parts. Kyle has no doubt built a bike that makes competition worry. Wired using a dyno 4000 system it’s given the S&S motor, the Axtell cylinders, and the S&S b1 heads with extensive head work a run for anyone’s money. The bike includes MSD electric fuel pump feeding a S&S carburetor with 2 Thunder jets and a joker extended bowl with a SA Novi stack. And to top it off braided stainless-steel fuel lines and black braided oil lines. Keeping up yet? T ́́եݥѠHԁɅ͵ͥݕ)Ё䁅յմݡȸ܁ݡ́ݥѠ5)Qͽ܁Ʌͱ́ѡɽЁ5Qͽ(܁ȁѡ͔́ɸ́ѡЁٕ役̸ٕ9Ёѥ)ԁѕѡɅ́ɔѼѽ䁅Ёȁ)Ʌ̰ѡЁ͡аЁѡ܁ԁɕєѡݽɬ)ѡeٔѡѡeٔЁѥѡe͕ٔЁͥ)ѼɔѡЁԁɔɽ՝ЁѡЁɅ́1եͥ)́ѼȸѼ-аѡ́ȁѡɐݽɬ׊eٔЁ)ѡ́啅ȁѡɕ٥́啅́Ս̸-屔ͅͅ)ձЁٔЁݥѡЁԸ)ܹѡչɽͱեͥ)ձ܁QչȁÍ5饹1եͥ(