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What difference do you see between new and oldschool underground rock scene ?

Bands are very adventurous nowadays (which is a good thing). They are taking risks and experimenting with different types of music. That’s the main difference in our opinion. The bands are not afraid of taking risks.

Finally we’ll see More of ReBORN from now on. What are your plans ahead?

At present we are Definitely! Some reinventions and, as mentioned previously, live shows, singles, music videos and a new album.ehearsing for live shows and some recordings. Thoughts about RootsAirBD and what else could we do to help UG artists reach more crowd and make th UG experience better ?

Make the UG artists/bands more aware about copyright issues, live/studio sound, professionalism etc. and the way you can do this is by getting in touch with people involved in the respective areas. Interview lawyers, sound engineers (both national and international), managers and event companies (preferably international) and so on...

All you need to do is knock... Take chances... You never know when an opportunity will show up.

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8 Roots Air Magazine/March, 2014

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