Through The Underground With Roots Air - Page 4

Songs like “Kreetodash” and “Agrashon” have brought much success to the band, and they rocked every concert they’ve performed. At their first days, the band had Ali on vocals, Chisti and Rintu on guitars, Salek on bass and Turjo on drums. But later, Salek left the band and Shumz joined the band as their bassist, and soon Anabil joined as keyboardist. With this line up, they released their first album “ReBORN” and got a good response from the listeners. After the release of the album, due to different personal

reasons, the band could not continue.

At present, the band’s line-up : Ali - vocals, Turjo - drums, Rusho - bass, Anabil – keys and Chisti – guitars. I have met some of the members of the band, and here’s how the whole conversation went.

After the debut album “ReBORN”, you guys were not found in the underground scene. Why so?

Honestly speaking, we all got busy with our personal lives and were very scattered (geographically speaking). Ali had already moved to Chittagong and Chisti went back to London the very next day after the album launch. The rest of us were in Dhaka but all occupied with work.

ReBORN”, a very popular heavy metal act formed in the late 90’s, has come back to the Underground

Rock scene after years

4 Roots Air Magazine/March, 2014