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'Uposhonghar', your original track, has been presented to the crowd in quite a number of shows lately. Did the response meet up to your expectations?

Absolutely!! Some of our fans even write us to play the song in our upcoming shows.

So, what's going on with your band recently?

Well, we are heading to the studio to record our upcoming 2nd single “Nistobdher Gaan” which will be released

online for our fans. We’ll be giving songs to the mixed albums “Play It Now 2” and “Republic 2”. Then we shall start working on creating new materials.

Why do you think Conclusion stands out from the rest of the young new bands?

The music scene has got some fresh and extraordinary bands, no doubt about that. But, we think we can totally stand out. Our music style and compositions are totally different from rest of the upcoming new bands. That’s what music is supposed to be, right? DIFFERENT!! New materials, new and original sound makes it more interesting to the listeners, as well as the critics.sin

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19 Roots Air Magazine/March, 2014

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