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We’ve all heard the song “Uposhonghar” and loved it! So, let’s take a peak on the lives of the members of “Conclusion” and the new begining of the band that created this masterpiece!

How would you put the journey of Conclusion into words from its formation to this very day?

It all started when me (Rushmian), Zakir, Nafi and Samiul were in College. We became really good friends, and sooner we found out that all of us had this desire to form a rock band. So, by the end of December 2011, we did our first jamming. Samiul knew this bassist, Safwan bhaiya, and Zakir brought his drummer, Mahfuz. So, as the band was formed.

t gig

We did our first gig in June 2012. Mahfuz had to go to Canada for his studies, so we took a new drummer, Rafel bhaiya (a very senior brother). We continued with this line up for almost 1 year, and then Rafel bhaiya had to leave the band. So, after a few days, the drummer of the band “Storytellers” , Adnan bhaiya joined , and that was actually the turning point of our band. But, a few days later our bassist, Safwan bhaiya had to leave

too, and Shovon (bassist of “Absentia”) joined in. So, this ispretty much the “stable” line-up: Zakir and Nafi - guitars, Samiul - keys, Rushmian - vocals, Shovon - bass, and Adnan - Drums!!

18 Roots Air Magazine/March, 2014