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# Did you know Nirvana used a rubber duck as one of the instruments in the song “Drain You”?!!!

# Guess which band was called “On a Friday”? It was Radiohead!!

# Foo Fighters was named after a World War II secret force that allegedly searched UFOs!

# ‘Mexicola’ the debut album track by ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ was named after

a drink, lime juice, cola and

secret ingredient…TEQUILLA!! GOD! I gotta have that drink!

# did you know, where 2D from Gorillaz got his name? 2D actually means two dents. While riding as a passenger in Murdoc's car he and 2D were involved in two fender-benders that resulted in fracturing each of 2D's eyeballs, leaving them black. This is where his name came from.

We all have our own personal favorite bands! But from what we have seen so far, we thought there is no one in the Underground community who does not love Nirvana, Radiohead or Foo Fighters! So, here are some fun facts about them. Hope you enjoy !!


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17 Roots Air Magazine/March, 2014