Through The Underground With Roots Air - Page 16

You guys have such a unique and uncommon sound. I took a look into to it and you guys are using the usual scales any other musician would use (Minor, Majors, Pentatonic and so on) yet, every time I listen to you guys, I feel as if I'm listening to a whole new genre. How did you guys come up with that? - Ifaz Abrar

We seriously don't have a proper answer for this , but I guess it has a lot to do with the stuff we listen to and probably is a combination of our different indiviual influences.

Why did Andy bhai leave Owned? - Abtahi Iptesam

Unfortunately none of us liked the color 'GREEN'

Where do you guys see the band to be 10 years from now? - Sajid Mahmud

Probably with atleast five more albums , opening for Foo Fighters maybe ?

In a parallel universe if Owned was given a chance to open for either Radiohead or FooFighters which would you choose given that they knew an amazing band such as yours existed? - Nohor Samad

We would somehow convince both the bands to play in the same gig so that we could open for both of THem . MUCH WOW !

Who's the most kipta in the band? - Redhwan Mohammed

Pritom Arefin , he's just a poor soul !




16 Roots Air Magazine/March, 2014