Through The Underground With Roots Air - Page 15


Have you found that perfect sound for yourselves yet?

We are still working on it but definitely we are on the right track .

Thoughts on RootsAirBD and what you expect from it?

This is probably the first online magazine here focusing on the underground scene, so it's a media of mutual benefit for both the bands and you guys.

It's a great initiative and we're glad if we get even 10 new listeners go through this interview.

If you had to change the band's name, what would you name it?

No idea !!

Favourite Venue to play at?


Song with maximum number of layers?

Released : Biyog

Rate JekylL and Hyde out of 5?

Three , we have better songs

Craziest fan you've come across?

Atif ul Islam

Favourite song to cover live?

Paranoid Android by Radiohead

A rock song that could be the theme song for the fifa world cup?

Montropat - Karnival


A band you think people should take notice of?

International : Dead Sara

Local : Karnival

Music first and then the lyrics? Or the other

way around?

Music first and then the lyrics

15 Roots Air Magazine/March, 2014

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