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When the time comes, there will be an album launching and we'll probably have limited copies of the album there, but we plan to release the album online later, because after seeing what Arbo did, you know the effect that has, right? After that, we plan to release the album at a large-scale with 2 more bonus tracks. Our main objective is to spread our music as much as possible.Meanwhile,we're releasing Biyog's music video soon. We're trying to hit all the major fm radio stations along with RootsAirBD in the coming two months.

Would you want to sign for a major international label and shift all activities abroad?

Of course. We're not gonna lie. Which band would want otherwise, right? But it's probably not something that's happening, because, well, our songs are in Bengali so there's a language barrier.

Plus there are a 100 other bands in the USA that probably sound like us, so why would they go for us? And we're not going to make an English album just to land a major record deal. Neither do we plan to shift our activities abroad.

We're not doing this for the money, I know I sound cliche and badass when I say this, but that's that. There are abundant opportunities here and with fewer bands that

sound like us, so yeah, we're not gonna put an effort into it, but if a major record deal comes, sure!

Long term plans after the album?

Lots of shows. Not just in Dhaka, but nationally and maybe even internationally if the opportunity presents itself. Nothing is very certain yet so I can't reveal anything right now, but the idea is to do shows and promote the album.

There are lots of songs that did not make it to the album. B-sides. We'll probably be releasing those online. We'll probably work on more music videos too. We want to keep the buzz going on, no plans on stopping.

No rush on the making of another album though. All in the right time.

No idea :S

14 Roots Air Magazine/March, 2014