THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 6

ADVERTISE JUSTICE DAVIS Justice Davis a.k.a. Wavvii (pronounced as “wavy”) is an aspiring recording artist from Los Angeles. He began writing poetry in high school, then transitioned to hip hop after graduating. He provides vast concepts with clever wordplay inspired by all aspects of life. DR. M.E. PORTER Dr. M.E. Porter – affectionately known as The Soul Shifter – is a woman who wears many hats and occupies many spaces. She is the mother of 3 beautiful daughters – one currently serving in the U.S. Army. She is a minister of the Gospel, a spiritual life coach and adviser who uses her God given gifts to INpower all those around her. Dr. Porter has been successful in expanding her reach globally. Dr. Porter is a woman unashamed to walk in her spiritually infused gifts – and is able to translate those gifts into the secular markets with ease. For ability to sustain herself as a marketplace minister, she is a highly sought out writer – having written her own autobiography, co-authored 5 anthologies and penned several forewords, she is a Huffington Post contributor - where she shares her gift in GPS for The Soul, as well as writing a monthly advice column for “Women’s Frontline Magazine” – an internationa XX][ۋX]\H[[]NXX\XZ\X Y[܋ܚ]\܈\]X[Y\܈8$KKܝ\XZ\ۙHYZ\K8'H[[^\XZ[\[ 'BYQTHUHXY^[H\Y[][HHXX][ۈ][\\]X\]XYˈ\XY\\H[وH[[]X[ܙKTTHSST“^HH\\\H[[\H HYX\\YHقX[[X[][ۜ[^HYK[H[HYX][\˜HX[]HYH\[[]YYH]HYHB[\ H\ܛ[^\\HH]Y܈ LYX\[[B[ݙYZXH\HH]Y܈YX\ˈH]H[\Y\\HH]H]Y܈[[ YX\ˈ^H[H]YYK›X]\][XZ[Z][Hܙ [^\ˈ[H]YYH›ݙH[ܙ]H[Hۙ\HX[HYܙ]HۙH[“[HY&]XXYK]H]]\H\Y]^BHۈ[\H\]\\[[\\X] [B\ YX\ YX]Y\ˈ]YY[\\ۈ LK B[\ Y]܎\ˈ[Y\[\[ۈY]܎XB\\[Y]܎XۚHXHۚ[\Yۙ\ܘ\X•SPHSPQH[H[XH[XYH ܙ\و [[H]HY[[\\]YH][Y\[^H[\\]\ܙ[YH܈XYHYHY[[ݙY YܙH^H[\\][ۋH\B\܈HH[HH[[YHX[Y[HXZ܈]\^[HYH[]\x&[H[HY[X\و[[ۈ[X\XH[]\[\]HSVTYH^Z[\[\Z^BTH[HYYH[۝ً\[\X܈\XH]\[[\[[\[]\XX\HYZ[ݙH܈Y[“RTHPTQBZ\HX\YH\H\YYYYHX [\\Y[XX[\ ܛ\X[]]܋[[]][ۘ[XZ\[\X[H]\قY[[H Y\[[X]HY[&\ܛ\[ HۂHX[\[ۜˈx&\H[\و [X^[[[[\ܚY[H\Y\\XHY[܈[ܙH[ YX\x&\ۛۈ܈Y\[][H^HX[[[]H][B][[] ]]8&\[ۙH[ݙKH\HX\YH\HX\܈[H[ݙ\[HX[[[\]\H[Y\\ۈ\^Hو\ۘ[ܛ[][Y[XYš\XZ[H\YYYYHX R\HX\YH\YX]Y\[[[\ۈZ\\^Kx&\H[\[XY\وH˔˔[ݙ[Y[[\[[[\\[\[Y]H[[\[\[HZ\\و ݙ\YBHZ[وH\[H؜X\[H\[ ][܂HYHو\K[XYY[[[^H]]˂]\BH\H[^\[^[Hܙ]ˈY[H\H[\\Y[۝X][UHXY^[H\Hܚ]\\[ۚ\K]]܂܈]Y]\X\H[XZ[][XY^[X\YPXZ[ B˜Y[Y[ܚ[˛]XY^[N˝][XY^[BY[Y[ܚ[˛][XZ[][XY^[X\YPXZ[ BYSY[ܚ[’[\[][]HوUS[H[\˙XX˘K™ܛ\[US[\XUHPQVSB[YHݙ\ Xݙ\ [YH [YH ]X\\YH \[\\[\YYY\YYY\[ NB NB NB NB NNB L  LPPS TS”SHSHTSш HёHٙ\ [۝XY\܈ IHٙ[ [۝XY\܈ HٙH[]HH\\\]YH]ܚY[[[ٙ\[Y\\[XY\]\[Y\ˈX\H۝X܈]Z[