THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 36

THRIVE Magazine presents Single Moms Book Club A space where single mom authors can get their work reviewed, featured and in the hands of women just like them. Every book is read by a panel of single mothers who then come together to discuss the books and write an honest review and of course rate it with hearts. Single moms, have you been thinking about writing a book? Do you desire to tell your unique story? Have you tried to figure out how to begin or been weeding through all of the programs that have made it even HARDER than you want to deal with? BRAVE Pink Pearls Book Club has created the perfect solution – just for single moms! We provide one-on-one mentoring through the process: One-on-one writing coaching and one-on-one editing and publishing – just for single moms! All of this is included in one package – just for single moms! No more confusion. No more trying to figure out what program is best for you. No more questions on how to begin writing. No more of having your emotions block you from sharing your story. If you love to read and discuss books then think about joining the panel TODAY simply click HERE and fill out the form to be considered for the single moms book club reading panel. If you are a single mom author looking to get honest feedback as well as get your book featured email and put Single Moms Book Club Author in the subject and we’ll send you all the details. Reviews Reviews Are you READY to write that book? Let BRAVE Pink Pearls Book Club IGNITE you to bring your story to life from start to finish. The single mom life is FULL of stories. BRAVE stories; stories that should only be shared while sipping tea…stories that make us clutch our pearls . . . and, of course, stories that have us cracking up for days! We’re sure you have a story or two to share with the world. What better way than to do it with a village of single moms? Become a Co-Author TODAY in BRAVE Pink Pearls’ 1st book collaboration – just for single moms: Spilling Tea & Clutching Pearls The BRAVE and Hilarious Stories of Single Moms To learn more about BRAVE Pink Pearls Book Club as a solo author or about the collaboration, email: To order: Single Plus Two Single Plus Two. Dating, Duties and a Destiny is an AMAZING book that speaks directly to the heart of a single mom. Karey talks about every type of man we run across, and does a wonderful job of showing us who we really are. It is so easy to get stuck in a serious rut when you’ve not only had a failed relationship or two but also have children from such a relationship. Every single mom should read this book to get clear on who’s who and what’s what when balancing dating, duties and destiny. 5 W THRIVE MAGAZINE To order: I’m Still Standing I’m Still Standing. Crawling Out of the Darkness Into the Light is a heart wrenching story of one woman’s journey from being scared of her husband and having him kidnap their children to him becoming “The D.C. Sniper” to her not only finding herself but being the mother her children needed. Most of us even those of us who have experienced domestic violence find it hard to understand what Dr. Muhammad went through, but she does a great job of taking us on her journey of crawling out of the darkness into the light. She also gives us a great check for how we treat the families of those who commit heinous crimes such as those of “The D.C. Sniper”. 5 W 35