THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 34

Shoe Fetish! Style Your FEET As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month take some time to focus on you. Do some self-care. 1. ROBIN Multi Strap Sandals $100 2. GEOX - W MARILYSE 1 WOMEN'S SHOES 3. PLUS SIZE FAUX SUEDE MULE $69.90 4. SAM EDELMAN BRANDIE SILK ANKLE TIE FLATS $89.99 5. H&M SEQUINED MULES $29.99 Tips for self care of “YOU”. From prints, blocked colors, sequins, faux suede to satin. Style your feet to complete your look for any occasion this Spring/Summer 2017. 1. 2. 3. TIP 1: Appreciate YOURSELF – Motherhood is hard work all on its one but as single mothers sometimes it’s often double the load. We as mothers are often told we are doing a wonderful job but why should we to feel appreciated from others. Learn to appreciate yourself. Gift you with yourself favorite flowers. 4. 5. Trending: One Shoulder Tops TIP 2: Date YOURSELF – I was once told by a lady after I graduated that sometimes you have to date yourself, enjoy your peace of mind and stop waiting on people or a man to do things for you. Learn ѼٔѡեЁЁѥ̸)5=5LɅєȁѡ́Ѡх她ݡЁ)͡1ѡ͔ 䁽͡ձȁѽ̸I͍хє)ɥ͡ձȁѽ́ݥѠɕͭЁѼ)ᤰєȁЁȁхɕЁȁɽ͕ȸ)Mѥ́ԁѼЁ)1= = %9=M!=U1HQ=@)Q%@ ȁݸɱ]eЁ݅́Ё)ɥиMѥ́ݔѡ́ͼݔ)ЁѕȰЁѡӊéЁAɕѥͻeЁձ䁍ݥѠ)́ɕЁͼȁɽ)ѼɕЁѽ݅ɐѡ]ٔѼɸݔ)ɔݡݔɔͽ́ɔɽݥɹ)ٕ䁑丁͕ٔ́ɕѥȁѡ)ѡ́ԁݡԁɔQ́ݥɸ)ɥѠ䁅ɝ䁥Ѽȁи) 4=9M!=U1HQ=@ԁ)=I%1% =9M!=U1HQ=@(؁əэ)Mݥȁȁݸ͕ѕݥ)ɸѡ̸()Q!I%Y5i%9)Q!I%Y5i%9(