THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 26

Lakesha’s Love for Her Children Saved Her Life LaKesha is not your average 40 year old single mother; for starters she’s only a couple of months away from being an empty nester. I know how is that possible at 40? Well, she started at 14! LaKesha has traveled the journey of being a teen mom not once but twice to be a young single mother of 3 and has come out on the other side. Her message to the world “Hope and Healing”, those two things are the key to your overcoming, beating the odds and truly THRIVING! Take a look into LaKesha’s life by reading her story and by watching our interview at Ms. Pink: What is your co-parenting status? LaKesha Marie: Each of my children has their own father. We don’t co-parent at all. My youngest father is the only one who might have been a co-parent, but he is in jail. I do have an amazing co-parenting village mainly with my brother. My brother is the one who has stepped in and stepped up to be the father figure my son needed. My brother’s child’s mother would also be my true co-parent because she has stepped up as well. My kids and I were separated for a while and they both stepped up and stepped in and were their parents for that period and beyond. Ms. Pink: That’s amazing that you recognize your village as your co-parents. We need to truly see that it takes a village and when one person of the village isn’t there other members of the village can step up and be that figure that’s needed. We all have issues and need help so we all need to work together and build the village. LaKesha Marie: We really do ALL have issues that we need to work out and come together to help one another. I was just thinking the other day what my message would be for this interview and it is “Hope and Healing”. To become a mother at 14 and make myself a promise that one day I will go back and get my diploma. And then at 29 to be able to actually accomplish that, is only because of the Hope that I held onto. Life has a way of taking away our hope and keeping us from healing. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. So it’s a faith journey, the only way I can be here today, the only way I can come out of 24 THRIVE MAGAZINE THRIVE MAGAZINE having a baby at 14 and then another at 15 and now being a coach helping others is because of faith but holding onto the hope and getting the healing. Ms. Pink: What was the moment like when you were 14 and had to come home and tell them “I’m pregnant!” LaKesha Marie: I’m from Watts, CA. So I went to the Watts Health Center and took a test but it took 3 days for the results. I was in the middle of taking a math test and knew I needed to call and find out, so I did and they confirmed it; I was pregnant. When I got home from school my mom asked me if I was pregnant. I didn’t know at the time that the clinic had called the house and she already knew. I immediately said NO, and if I was I wouldn’t tell you because you said if I came home pregnant you would p