THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 24

HONORING Ms. Lolanda Winstead Green As a child growing up, one has the sense that mommy and daddy will be there and take care of everything. I guess when you’re young you’re naive about those grown up things. I was a very conscious child. I recognized adult things and could quantify its scope. I knew that my mother did it basically alone. Sure, we had extended family that fled the role of surrogates. My mother was always hustling and bustling to make sure her children were alright. It was 5 of us at first and then a 6th and 7th. My mother made many sacrifices during my childhood. I watched for years how she went without JUST so we could have. She never complained or was bitter. Her love and devotion was complete and all consuming. 22 I’m so thankful that I was able to witness her strength and dedication through various stages of my life and my siblings. There were many times when I thought that she would be broken by life’s circumstances and even periodic incarceration of her children. She relied on God and made it through. Out of 100 times, I may have seen her cry 5 times...not bad at all. Tears of frustration BUT NOT DEFEAT. I TIP MY HAT TO MY MOTHER LOLANDA WINSTEAD GREEN FOR PUTTING THE SUPER IN SUPER. NO, SHE DIDN’T HAVE ON TIGHTS AND A CAPE, SHE HAD A STRONG BACKBONE AND UNWAVERING FAITH THAT THINGS WOULD GET BETTER AND THEY DID. THRIVE MAGAZINE