THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 22

A Mother’s Love (Failing is not an Option) by Redina Thomas My love for my mother and daughters is indeed unconditional. Marrying young and finding myself in a failing relationship that was coupled with deceit, lies, and domestic violence was not what I bargained for when I took my wedding vows. Thinking that it would be that fairy tale marriage and it turned out to be everything but a fairytale. I never thought I would need rescuing and if I did I thought it would be my knight in shining armor, my husband. I was wrong. He turned out to be the person I needed to be rescued from and the people that were there to my rescue was both my mom and daughters. They taught me early on that fear was not an option. My daughters gave me a reason to fight for my life and my mom continued to give me honesty and tough love as I sifted through the rummage of what remained my brokenness. As a young girl, I was a shy Catholic schoolgirl who did not realize there was a queen waiting to shine. My mom always protected me from all hurt and harm, but there was one thing she couldn’t protect me from becoming; the face of domestic violence. I never signed an acceptance letter. I was just thrown into this elite group. It would take years to rebuild my life and to remove the layers formed from hurt, shame, fear, pain and resentment. My mom provided a safe shelter for my daughters and I after I had to sell my home. My mom feared for my safety and felt it was best for me to move back to the family home. This was a real sacrifice for her to give me her four bedroom two story home, just so I could have a peace of mind. I never had to pay bills or purchase groceries. Her only request was for me to seek counseling and to re-enroll in school. I really needed someone to help me rebuil BגƖfRB6Rv2FW&RFVRfvFRF&VvF2Fr6VBƖfR( WFW&ǒw&FVgVf"W"&VƖWfrR2vגFVvFW'2vW&Rג&V6FƗfR6rF&VRƗGFRvV2vVVFVB7G&r&RFVF6pFVvB7V66W72VBƖRfVBƖRB6VB&RFWBF6VR7G&rvb6"P&FvBB&B66W2&V6W6R6Rv2V'WBvV6RFR&B66W26R&6R&fPFVBFBB6FVRFRFR6R66W2BF6pFVFR'F6Rbw&vrFR&B6rFVFB7FR`W27G'VvvƖrFBFW&Rv27FvBvvR6W'fRBFBRv&Wv&BW2FRVBf"W"&"FFBBvBגFVvFW'0FFBv2f"FBv6ǒBF&V@FRFG2F6rגF&VRFVvFW'2rFfvFRF&VvFPv&CFW&Vf&RfV"v2BFBVFW"v2vfrWw&FVgVFגFVvFW'2f"WfW"vfrWFV"vv0VrvV6RvB'&VBBBBWW&V6VBVVvbƖfPFvWBB&vBW7BWBגFVvFW'2fVBRV6FFǒ7FPbגfw2Bw&FVgVFvWFW"vR&RV7F&RFVЦbF&VRvVW&F2b7G&rFW'2vfRV6FW"fR0FVVBFR7BvW&gVFF2v&BFFBW7BvBF6FRBFW.( 2FFגBF&VRFVvFW'0f"VWrג6VƗfRBVrF'&rV6RFג֖B#D$dRtP