THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 18

What Mom Gave Me by LeaAnn Fuller Every daughter should be able to say that they have the best mom in the world. I know that I was lucky enough to. My mom was the hardest working woman you would ever meet with the biggest heart. She always put us kids and her family first, never thinking of herself. Yes, she worked hard and may have missed “things” but it isn’t the things that she missed that we talk about now and cherish. It is the memories that she gave us the opportunity to make and the values that she taught us that made us who we are today. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world and I am honored to pass what she taught me on to my girls. was there. She yelled out his name clear as day and slightly louder each time. It was as if she was calling for him to not leave her as he was drifting further away. I will never forget that and the chills I felt that night knowing he was there for her. Even in her final days, she taught me that there is so much Love and once we find it there is nothing that can replace it. Love She showed me how to love above all else. My dad passed away in 1993 and my mom still spent nearly the next 20 years loving him. She never did move on, which I really questioned as she spent so many years fighting a horrific battle with cancer by herself. She had us kids, but I never felt it was the same. But she had so much love for my dad that it didn’t matter, he was the love of her life. As she fell really ill in 2012 and was passing away at home it all made sense and I realized he was with her the whole time. His presence was hard to deny. He was there waiting to welcome her home. The night before she passed, she hadn’t been coherent or even spoke in a couple of days. I woke up to her calling out his name, as if he THRIVE MAGAZINE She taught me that we love our children when times are good and even more when they are bad. We support them no matter what, even when our children don’t make it easy. Which we all know that they often don’t. One of the scariest things I ever had to do was to tell her I was pregnant at the age of sixteen. I waited to tell her as she was walking out the door to go to her night job, thinking she wouldn’t have time to yell at me. She didn’t even give it a second thought before she called into work and told them she was going to be a while. We talked and we cried, but she never judged me, criticized me, or even showed any shame in me. She just very calmly and collectively asked me what I was going to do and told me that regardless of my decision she would be there to support me in any way that she could be, and she was. She was there for me through every bump in the road. I never would have been able to graduate from high school with honors without her love and support. 17