THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 16

mother [mə-thər] noun Queen Mother 1. a: female parent b: a woman in authority; specifically c: maternal tenderness or affection by Justice Davis Everyday you grace my presence with light felt by the leaves of trees. A love never to be diminished. by Keah Talley Those times I glance at you during your worst, were the times that were truly your strongest moments. Webster’s dictionary defines mother as a female parent, a woman in authority, source or origin, someone with I trace your demeanor and see a silhouette of patience. maternal tenderness or affection. Mommy you are all these things, but you are so much more. Mommy you are the ultimate protector. You are the epitome of unconditional love. You are what a woman of God looks like. With a voice sweet as sugar cane, my ears indulge in your love when you speak to me. The beauty, the brains, the personality, the sense of humor…I have not seen another that embodies all of these Soft-spoken but your point always made contact with my logic. Mother’s intuition festered inside of you during my worst moments, that too showed my true strength. things like you. You have been my super hero since day one. And now you get to be all these things to my daughter. I am an amazing mother because of you. I have seen God’s grace because of you. I have learned to be strong because of you. I know how to cook and take care of home because of you. I am a special gem because of you. I am me because of you. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOMMY. I LOVE YOU BEYOND INFINITY. I watch as you always keep to yourself and focus on what is important. As I grow I see a true Queen, and a beautiful mother who wields a smile of armor. Kindness was weapon of choice. To any darkness that cascaded my path, your arms would extend and shield me from shame Over time I saw the brightness of her eyes wither away. She grew tired as I grew older. I grew appreciative of the woman that shaped me into the man that loves her. The love of a queen. 14 THRIVE MAGAZINE THRIVE MAGAZINE 15