THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 12

and 1am and drove back to Atlanta! When possible they all show up at my preaching engagement or ministry events and whenever the young Lieutenant makes Captain we all converge on that ceremony to support her no matter where we are in the world. Love, support and respect of each other and the fathers that are blessed enough to call these three beauties of mine - Daughter. by Dr. M.E. Porter “Mom! Mommy! Maaaaaaaaa!” This is the ringtone that I use for my children’s phone calls – I want to be certain that when they call I know that it’s one of them or someone with their phone calling me about them. It is of the utmost importance that my girls know that I have created a system that lets me know when they are in need of my voice, my presence, my Mothering. My Mommy relationship with my daughters – all 3 of them – is the most important one, only second to God Almighty. It took time for me to feel free as a single mother, though, in the beginning I saw it was a source of bondage! My worst fear, I did say my worst fear was having children and raising them alone! I was willing to subject myself to all manner of abuses to ensure, not just so my children could have a father, but so that I would not have to be a single mom. “For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.” Job 3:25. Where did this fear stem from? My mom was a single mom 10 and I had already witnessed the life, the struggles, the setbacks and pitfalls of raising 3 children alone. After my second divorce in 2007, I spent almost 1 year just being terrified! Thank God that my settlement was great and allowed me to remain a “What are we all going to do witho WBFRW6&BBfFW WW&S( BvFW76V@6vR&VFrגvRƖfRFFW&Rv2R7FfPfFW"W"Vv&&B6RvVBF( B&P6f'F&RvFB'WBBP( 2FF( BvBFRvVvBb &VFr7FBR( 2v6B&VV66RFR&'Fbאf'7B6B"( 2&V6W6Rv2FFW'&fVBFFFp'WB&RFW'&fVBvRWV6&rF涖rFח6V`( vBbFWVVB6WFpFB6( BvfRFV(  ( vBbVVB6WFrF@FW6( BvfRS( &66ǒBv2FRf6RbFV"g&VBFB'&Vv@R&6Fח6Vb06VBFW RFFRP&WB&Vr6vPr6R&WƖV@( V&ǖFP&VƗRFBW"W6&@v2FR֖ƗF'@7VBbF2B6V6WFW3RF( @vWBBFBRfP&VGFRBW v( 2RfR&VV&6rFW6Rv&2Pv&WGGV6ƖP֖ƗF'vfW2F( F@VB&VfV7FVB&6fW FR6W'6Rbג6G&V( 2ƗfW0Bגvr&pF2BV&&RVG0BFV6RBBv2W7@RBFRG3r琧FW2FBFWVVB6WFp( 2Fr( 2BFWvV@FFV"fFW"BBSD$dRtPvFBFRWv&vFFVvvVBfVBG&0vFFVv7FVBFV 6V&W"'FW3vFFV&BG&3vP( 2FB6vBFRV6v0g&Bbs&VƗVBFBVBFBv2WfW g&Bb&Vr6vRv2g&BbfƖr26vRBfǒFPFW'&"v2vRऒv2&W76VBFfR6Ч&VB"bFV7GVǒF@G'W7FVBRgVǒvFFR6&Pbג6G&Vf7BVFW bגWևW6&G2&WVW7FV@'Fb7W7FGbFRv&2D$dRtP&FG'W7FVBFBЧFBvVBBvFBFPbfrfFW"g&אFVvFW'2W2FWG'W7FV@R2FW"vfW2W 6G&VFFWG'W7FVBFP6W'B77FVF&VwVFRW &VFrƖfRFW&RfR&VV6R'V0B''V6W2rFRv( 0גFVvFW'2BVG0vVFWVVFVBFV"FN( 0GFVF&RF֖R'WBv27FFW&RFrFP&W7B6VB2גFW&PfR&VVVG2bVƖpB&W7F&Ff"ח6Vb@גFVvFW'2'WBFR7@'FBBbw&wF0&VVFBvR&RfVB@7W'FVB'V6FW"אFW7B6B2FRU2&אB6R&V6VFǒG&fRW'2F6VRגVvW7Bf"2֖WFW27&76PvR( 2FN( 2fR7BvVVגVvW7BBVBFR6"BG&fR2W'2FFvW'F6VRFR֖FFP6BW&f&( 26R2FVG&P"B5R( 2GW&VB&V@vRfRF6r&VBFPW6RW"2( 06WFW2'&BFW2vRfRWFfƗ&F2`v&ǒ6w2ƖR( Ć'BbF^( vRVv&FƲBאFVvFW"FƲFRFW&PBFR6RfRBvVFW&RBR&V6W6PvRfR6RFVFPW&2bFRfVRRऒvF֗BFBB&PFVvFfFRRFW 67GV'( 2'WBגv&2FW6&Rf"FV"זFPFW7B7F'FVBFBRF&PǒfR6VFVFFVvRv6FVRF&PFRfV&W72fW'6RFBvPfR&V6R