THRIVING Melanin Family Magazine May 2017: A Mother's Love - Page 10

Momma Tears Growing up with my single mom . . . Growing up with my single mom was kind of normal – she always maintained a really cool relationship with my dad so it always seemed like my parents were best friends with kids. I didn’t really see my mom go through stuff, but I know she did, I was just too young to notice or remember. You have grown up and you are finally on your way, But for your Momma no doubt it was the hardest day. My sisters, I have two older sisters probably remember though, I know they do because there has been some sister conversations about how unhappy my mom would be at times but she never let it affect her mothering skills. Now, at the age of 15 I do think that my mom probably would have been less stressed and had an easier experience being a mother if she had a man that loved her to help out; it was kind of weird because my dad always had girlfriends- he has been engaged a few times since they divorced but my mom only dated one man that I can ever remember – she really just raised us. She heard your cry, when no one else could, She tolerated your stubbornness when no one else would. You had your father and mothers love to share, But it was Momma’s love that gave you tender loving care. She prayed at night for the Lord to give her strength to be strong, And she could never see you doing anything they consider being wrong. I think me and my sisters turned out good though. I have a sister that is an officer in the Army and one sister that is a junior in college and my mom has been with them every step of the way – well there was a brief moment when she kind of got tired us of being ungrateful and she made us east fast food for like 3 months! She taught you love, respect, honesty, and to always do what was best, Now that you are on your own, you have to learn the rest. Nights must have been hard for my mom because that’s usually when you wind down and tell your significant other about your stressful day, but I doubt she got to do that with my dad and there was never really anyone else to comfort her. She was there when you were sick and stayed up all night, She never left your side until she knew you would be all right. Even though I was too young to really understand, raising us must have been hard to do alone, but she did and continues to be a great mom for me and my sister even though they are adults now and that is all that matters. God shines his light on his angels so they can find their way, That’s why he gave us a Mother who has faith and for us she will pray. I do pray for my mom to have a good guy that will love her the way she deserves because she is not just a good mom she is a good person. (C) Copyright by Barbara Ann Willis 2005 She wants you to be happy and she says that with a smile, To her you will always be her son, her daughter, her baby, her child. Charity W. Age 15 She will always carry you in her heart and have you on her mind, But soon someone else will bring you love and take most of your time. You must never forget your Mother’s love that’s deep inside your heart, And for your Mother, remember as a child of God, to always do your part. She is the one, who has felt your pain, everyday, every month and year, And it is she who has shed those every loving “Momma’s tears”. 8 THRIVE MAGAZINE THRIVE MAGAZINE 9