Thrive Business & Professional Magazine Summer Issue - Page 26

Name | Title, Company Body copy here S 6 FACTORS TO CONSIDER When Selecting a Financial Advisor Abigail Santiago, CFP®, CLU®, is a Financial Advisor with Florida Wealth Planning Abigail Santiago, CFP®, CLU® with Florida Wealth Planning Group peaking from experience, the relationship between a financial advisor and his or her clients is incredibly important. Whether you rely on your advisor to help with retirement planning, saving for college, or meeting other goals, this individual will help determine how you approach some of life’s biggest financial decisions. That’s why it’s critical to ensure you’re working with the right person. Here are a few tips to keep in mind 2 Select an advisor and a firm with a solid reputation. As you interview advisors, ask for references and specific examples that show how they helped clients like you reach their goals or weather difficult financial times. Also, check the advisor’s educational background and note any when choosing an advisor. professional designations or industry accolades they have earned. 1 You may find this information and more on their personal website, Find someone who cares about your goals for the future. social media accounts and 䁑х͕́Ʉɜ%ӊe)eȁ٥ͽȁ͡ձͬՕѥ́ЁȁͼхЁѼͥȁݡЁɴѡ٥ͽȁ́ѕݥѠ)̰ɕ́ɹ̸ͽݡЁѡ䁡ٔ啅́ȁ́ɥݽɭݥѠ)͍͕́хЁѽ̰Ёͼѕ́ɔѡ䁙ͽչɕх)չх́ȁ̸Q٥Յ͡ձԁ)͔չєɱ(Ѓ ܁ȁ չ ȁ ɍ́ͽ