Thrive Business & Professional Magazine Summer Issue - Page 24

d i o v A o t Five Tips N : R T U B OU re a m t h g i N s ’ r e n w O s es n i s u B l l a A Sm man, fo Tom Hell W pter 87 CORE Cha sident S rmer pre ith so many responsibilities to tend to as a small are exceptional business owner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, fall short multitaskers. on what you want to accomplish and feel burned out. The rest of us The Burnout cure is effective time management. If you’re a new fail at it—and entrepreneur who formerly worked for an employer other than quite miserably, yourself, you may discover managing time has become more too. When we challenging. That’s natural. After all, you’ve gone from having “multitask,” we’re your work schedule and priorities set for you to needing to not really doing both activities simultaneously. In reality, we’re prioritize every project and task related to running your business. diverting our attention from one part of our brain to another, Time management doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but it’s an which takes time and brain cells. The other side of our brain essential skill that can be developed with some attention views it as starting a brand-new activity when we switch back and effort. and forth, making us slower and less effective than if we were to focus on just one activity at a time. Here are five simple time management tips to help you take control and become more productive: Don’t Multitask Schedule Everything This goes for your project work, administrative tasks, phone calls, meetings, and even checking and responding to email messages. Believe it or not, multitasking has been proven to accomplish less While you may not always stick to your schedule, you’ll be more rather than more. It is estimated that only two percent of people conscious about staying on task and not squandering time. 22 © 2017 | Flagler County Chamber of Commerce and its licensors.