Thrive Business & Professional Magazine Summer Issue - Page 17

Walk into the Fire Leadership Academy on the campus of Flagler Students with the Construction Technology Flagship at Matanzas Palm Coast High School, which just opened this past school year, High School aren’t just in the classroom. They’re building the and you’ll see students getting hands-on experience from certified classroom! They’ve already built a storage facility (which withstood firefighter/paramedics. It’s a program that has brought together all the winds from Hurricane Matthew) and will construct and de- the fire departments in Flagler County, working together to offer construct a classroom each year to include design, permitting, and these students experiences and opportunities not found on any building. other high school campus in the state! We’re transforming education when unveiling these Flagship Programs. Our school administrators on all our campuses continue to align them with targeted industries within Flagler County. This is not just for our high school students. They’ve also gone a long way in solidifying relationships with our businesses and their leaders. To date, nearly 180 businesses have established some sort of partnership with our schools. This includes bringing employees and business leaders into the classroom to give our students insights into the opportunities locally. In addition to the Flagship Programs, Flagler Schools is also making a push to involve our students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. This allows these students to attain industry certification upon completion of the course. Nearly 1,500 students take advantage of more than 60 such CTE classes. | Thrive Business & Professional Magazine | Q3 2017 15