Thrive Business & Professional Magazine Summer Issue - Page 15

that will satisfy the needs of the expected growth. Currently, I have a few multifamily projects under development in both medium- and higher-priced markets. Also, with the aging of the “Baby Boomers” and the needs for this sector, we are looking into Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) and age-restricted projects. As a builder, my company is expanding its workforce by bringing on workers willing to learn trades and producing skilled employees to meet the needs of the market. In this way we hope to be positioned to handle the larger projects we see happening in this county. You’ve been a long-time member of the Chamber. What impact, if any, has being a director had on your business? The greatest benefits have been the close relationships I have developed with other members. These relationships have directly affected my sales in a positive manner and continue to do so. My “ROI” has literally been thousands of times return per dollar invested. Also, by being a director and part of the Economic Alliance Council, I have gained great insight and advance information on market trends, upcoming projects, and opportunities. This knowledge has helped us gets involved with projects I otherwise would not have known about. Finally, being involved has helped me meet, get to know, and work with elected officials, government staff and other concerned citizens who play an active role in shaping our county. I’ve been able to help our governments to ensure positive and responsible growth in Flagler, and give back to my community by sitting on several governmental boards, and donating time and funds to these efforts. Finally, tell our readers something about yourself that few people know. I have always been active in the arts as a fine art painter, professional photographer, actor, and even a guitarist in a band. I was born a triplet and currently work with my twin brother. Sadly, our other brother died a few days after birth. I have been fortunate to choose some unconventional paths in life like working as a pedicab driver chauffeuring tourists around Waikiki Beach, living off the land in Alaska like Grizzly Adams and becoming the manager of the auto dealership in the Kenai Peninsula. It’s funny how life can be unpredictable, but rewarding. FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Mark Langello and M&M Development, call 386-313-6950 or visit www. | Thrive Business & Professional Magazine | Q3 2017 13