Thrive Business & Professional Magazine Summer Issue - Page 14

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: M&M DEVELOPMENT EIGHT QUESTIONS WITH MARK LANGELLO, CO-FOUNDER Tell us about M&M Development and how long you’ve been Our company focuses primarily on commercial construction, which operating in Flagler County? is a specialty market. We usually engage with the client from the We are a vertical development company, which means we develop beginning of their project and bring advice and value engineering properties from inception through the full construction process. to meet or beat their budget and timeline. I am a hands-on builder The company was started 13 years ago in Flagler County. I am and do many phases of construction using my own employees. This also a General Contractor working on projects of our own and for helps me control the timeline, quality, and cost of a project. These clients. elements have helped us stay competitive, and make clients happy. What brought you to Flagler County? How has the business climate and growth impacted your My parents purchased land here in 1956 while traveling through business? to Miami on their honeymoon. After I graduated from college, I While residential construction has seen enormous growth in recent came here to design and oversee the construction of my parents’ years, the commercial sector always lags behind. It is only now that retirement home. I fell in love with this small county and decided we are seeing more clients willing to “trip the trigger” on projects. to move here. In 1980, the population here was about 8,000 Since the Great Recession, we have been involved with many people. It was a great change from the hustle and madness of Los proposed commercial projects, from small “mom & pop” startups Angeles where I had been living. to national and international companies with plans to construct various commercial buildings here in Flagler. Until recently, almost Construction is a tough business in Flagler County. How have you none of these companies actually went through with their plans, survived this long? but now more are committing to these projects and our county is reaping the rewards of this important growth. What issues do you face as a developer and builder? The current positive business climate has brought about a skilled labor shortage in the construction industry. Many skilled workers who lost their jobs during the Great Recession moved on to different work and there aren’t many younger workers going into this field, despite the fact there are plenty of open positions and good wages. That means we often work overtime to get jobs done since there are not enough workers to get projects done during the day. FLAGLER COUNTY’S TRUSTED COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPING PARTNER 12 © 2017 | Flagler County Chamber of Commerce and its licensors. Flagler County is on track to become one of Florida’s fastest growing counties again in the next decade, if not sooner. How do you play to capitalize on this growth from a business perspective? As a developer, I am always looking for properties and projects