THRICE Fiction Apr. 2014 - Page 2

THRICE THRICE FICTION™ ©2014 Thrice Publishing Published three times yearly F I C T I O N™ All content is copyrighted by their respective creators and reproduced with permission. No part of this publication may be reproduced without permission from the copyright holders. Issue No. 10 • APRIL 2014 RW Spryszak, Editor David Simmer II, Art Director CONTENTS ™ 2. Thrice 10 Notes by RW Spryszak 3. Things of the Spirit by Howie Good 4. Reflection by Emily Grelle 5. Wildebeest by Susan Tepper 7. Things to do on the way to the dentist Advertising: THRICE FICTION™ has limited advertising and sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact our advertising sales department at by Samantha Memi 9. Astoria Saudade by André M. Zucker 13. The Pirates of Hell or Whatever by Zeke Jarvis 14. White An Observation by Gloria Garfunkel 15. Drain by Emily Grelle 16. The Wolf’s Legend by Jeff Burt 17. Work in Progress by Mike Ekunno 23. Find the Fiction by Charles Rammelkamp 24. Weight by Tom Gledhill 25. Question 922.06 by Chris Fradkin 26. Spitting Out by Jill Owen 27. Between the Pines by Shayna Murphy 31. Stasis by Elizabeth Kroll A guide to art in this issue is on page 33. The Yellow and Black Handkerchiefs by Chad Roseburg Issue No. 10 THRICE PUBLISHING NFP, a private corporation registered in the state of Illinois, reaches outside the mainstream to publish the work of selected writers whose efforts, we feel, need to be seen. It’s flagship publication, THRICE FICTION, has been a platform for presenting this work alongside exceptional artwork since 2011. THRICE ARTS provides design and editing services to writers at large. 1