Thought Leadership Articles Is Healthcare Ready for Gamification?

AN INTERVIEW WITH BUNCHBALL STRATEGIST LEA SORRENTINO Bunchball is a pioneer and leader in using gamification to engage, influence, and motivate employees and customers. While the term gamification may be new to many of us, if you wear a FitBit, are a member of a loyalty rewards program, or use a retailer’s app to earn points or badges, you have experienced gaming mechanics firsthand. Major corporations like Toyota, Marriott, Universal, and NBC are using Bunchball’s technology to motivate loyalty and engagement. HealthStream recently interviewed Lea Sorrentino, a digital strategist at Bunchball, who explained the concepts behind gamification and how healthcare might begin to use these techniques to impact employee engagement and retention, as well as workforce training and development. HealthStream is partnering with the team at Bunchball to bring these concepts to life. You can listen to the full Second Opinions podcast with Lea Sorrentino at opinions-podcast.