Thought Leadership Articles Gaming and Micro-Simulation to Reduce OB Risk

MedStar-SiTEL and HealthStream Use Gaming and Micro-Simulation to Reduce OB Risk John Yosaitis, M.D. Lead Physician Educator; MedStar-SiTEL Bill Sheahan Corporate Vice President; MedStar Health HealthStream and MedStar-SiTEL (Simulation Training & Education Lab) have partnered in the development of a highly innovative OB Risk Program. This program features clinical courseware dedicated to improving quality outcomes in obstetrics—one of the most highly litigious environments in healthcare. More than 600 American women die annually during or immediately after childbirth. Although maternal obstetric complications develop in only 2% of all births, they account for approximately 47% of all low risk hospital deaths. These types of statistics have placed regulatory agencies—like CMS and Joint Commission—on high alert and have spurred the creation of OB Core Measures in which hospitals will have to report, verify, and account for their obstetrical outcomes. Together, HealthStream and MedStar-SiTEL have developed and are delivering an OB Risk program that uses interactive learning to help ensure staff competency. The OB modules contain gaming and micro-simulation techniques to increase learning retention while developing critical thinking skills. The overarching goal is to decrease adverse patient outcomes, improve care in the perinatal period, and ensure competent mother-baby care through evidence-based training.