Thornton Academy Postscripts Alumni Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 34

BY LINDSAY LAPRAD HUDNOR Washington D.C. Gathering With nearly 40 guests in attendance, the Washington D.C. reception held on November 24, 2016 at the Army and Navy Club was one of the largest alumni regional receptions to date. A great part of the event’s success can be attributed to Coordinating Host Joel Levesque’s ’85 passion for networking and bringing people together. He worked with the Development Office to plan the event. The venue was booked in May, long before the announcement of the National Tree Lighting, which coincidentally was planned for the same evening. Joel voiced how impressed he was with the alumni who “not only braved the traffic of the National Tree Lighting but also blew off a national level event to spend the evening with Thornton Academy alumni and shut down the Army Navy Club.” Alumni from the class of 2008 all the way to the class of 1965 came together to mingle and to hear more about the state of the school from Headmaster Rene M. Menard ’88. Since graduating from Thornton, Joel has always been thankful for his education and alumni network. “I’ve never felt unprepared or alone. I’m never far from friends and people I connect with,” he said. Joel is currently serving as President of the Maine State Society, a “home away from home” for Mainers living and working in the Washington D.C. metro area since 1884. There is a large Thornton Academy alumni contingency in the Maine State Society and the group is actively looking to recruit members. Joel shared, “We have an annual Lobstah Dinnah, a Bean Suppah, a Congressional Delegation Breakfast, Wreaths Across America at Arlington, and we host the Maine Cherry Blossom Princess every year. FRR7FFP66WGfVFF6v&G066'6767F6RFR7GVFVG0GFVFrfW"זV"R6VvW2@VfW'6FW2( ХFV&&R&WBFRR7FFP66WGV6Rf6Cwwrf6V&6U7FFU66WGखbR&RFW&W7FVB6W'fr26&FFr7Bf"DV搦WfVBW"6GV6R6F7BFPFWfVVBff6SFWfVVDF&F6FVג&r%$55$UT4TT%$DvRfR7V6fFFf"F&F6FVגV676W26VV'&Fp֖W7FR&WV2&V6V7BvFW"FW"BvFV6FW"FP&WV6VV'&FvfVGW&R6W2FW'266F&V6WFBFW"rvFƗfRW62g&&F&Wffg&FVǒ##pBF&F6FVאS3( 3676W2bcrs"sr"r"r#"#rB# V6RW2f"6W2FW'2$%CRW"W'6ƗfR&BB66&"%5e'VǒF&77F&F6FVג&r"#rc"CCcखFW&FV&WVW6֖r&WV&V6WF26V"V&WV672bcrf"672V'2cbbV&ƖW 6GW&FVǒ##rBF&F6FVא( C#%5eF&77F&F6FVג&r #rc"CCcF&F6FVמ( 2f'7BFW&FV&V6WFv2VvR7V66W727FVBFRvB&Vf&RF6vfr&RF#R7GVFVG2FRFRG&V&6F&V6V7BvFf&W"676FW2B7FfbG&VW76W"( bB&&( R&V6VfVBFRgW'FW7BG&fVVBv&B'&frg&7FGFVBFRWfVBf"f&F&WBW@V.( 2FW&F&V6WFV6R6F7B&77F&F6FVג&r6GW&F6WFV&W"b#rBF&F6FVא%5eF&77F&F6FVג&r #rc"CCc672bp3@6GW&FVǒ##p3FV6DB&f&RBƗ6֖2&V>( &&VFV&B66RCs f"&Rf&F6F7BF4V禖Pv&VBFF&6У3