Thornton Academy Postscripts Alumni Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 2

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Thornton Academy, In This Issue As the conclusion of another school year draws near, Thornton Academy is preparing for the numerous recognition ceremonies that celebrate student achievement every spring. These gatherings highlight the best of what our students have accomplished in our classrooms, on the athletic fields, and on the stage. 2 Students whose grades are consistently excellent, who earn the leading roles and make the big plays have undoubtedly worked hard. They are leaders of the student body; we are proud of them, and they deserve the acclaim. But there are many students whose profound personal achievements often occur with little fanfare. We are proud of them as well. At Thornton Academy, we advocate for a broader understanding of “achievement.” Exemplary grades and commendable performances are easy to notice and exciting to celebrate, but many TA students persist despite failures and setbacks. We have students who set and reach remarkable goals even while navigating challenging home situations, and those who make progress in the face many other difficult odds. They also are achievers, and we honor their efforts. Small but steady opportunities for achievement occur every day. Harvard researchers Amabile & Kramer have studied the phenomenon of success in making small steps forward, and named it the “progress principle”: … the single most important (thing) is making progress in meaningful work. And the more frequently people experience that sense of progress, the more likely they are to be creatively productive in the long run” (2011). 2 From the Headmaster 4 Achievement Headmaster Rene M. Menard ’ 88 proudly shared the Apple Distinguished School recognition with Bonita L. Pothier, Regional Representative of Senator Angus King. Story on p. 4. At TA we foster a learning environment that supports the many forms of student achievement. We hope the drive we cultivate in our students ultimately lasts a lifetime. Soccer legend Pelé reminds us, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” The alumni profiled in this issue of Postscripts have all done just that. They have worked hard and persevered; all truly love the meaningful work they do. As you read through this latest issue of Postscripts, I know you will be as inspired as we are by where a TA education can take you. A couple of stories are very close to home. The work of Director of Technology Ben Nasse ’93 resulted in TA’s recognition as an Apple Distinguished School; and under the leadership of Director of Campus Safety Jim Trask ’80, TA has been recognized with a Facility of Merit Award. You will also find stories on David Baker ’76, Jim Godbout ’80, and others. We know there are many more stories of achievement and success out there. I hope you will get in touch and tell us yours. Rene M. Menard ’88, Headmaster 28 Kindness Matters campaign, Julia Clukey Courage Award 30 TA Treasure 32 Alumni In The News 15 NEASC Update TA adopts pillars and clarifies its mission 14 Finance 10th annual Thornton Fund Auction, Good Shepherd Parish donation TAMS Ben Nasse ’93, David Baker ’76, Jim Godbout ’80, Christine (Babcock) Blake ’91, Daisy Blake ’17, Jim Trask ’80 16 Making progress in meaningful work is the essence of achievement; it is our goal for every TA student. The meaning of achievement varies, intrinsically linked to students’ individual talents, circumstances, and aspirations. Hard work, perseverance, sacrifice, and determination are key, together with the awareness that the result of hard won achievements is not always eye-catching, like earning an “A,” being a starter, or winning a solo part. No matter; genuine achievement in meaningful work is always worthwhile, no matter how gradual. COVER PHOTO Mary’s Walk dedicated to longtime volunteer Ken Janson ’72 Brooks Landry ’00, Jennifer (Conley) Burnett ’98 33 1811 Society Steve Cote ’64 Arts 34 Gatherings/Reunions Carmen (Cassette) Johnson ’72, Elizabeth Roy ’18 20 Athletics 36 Class Notes 22 Michael Laverriere ’17, Nick Bartholomew ’17, Libby Pomerleau ’16, Gary Stevens School Sweethearts David Verrill ’46, Anna (Kosta) Verrill ’46 24 International 26 Technology Mitchell Dehtere ’14, Syed Banoori ’13 38 Class Agent Spotlight, Faculty Notes 39 In Memoriam Jeff Christenbury ’03, Josh Pulsifer ’06 Postscripts is published twice a year for the Thornton Academy community by the Communications Office. Please contact with corrections or story ideas. This issue was designed by Emma Deans. Read the online version at: Benjamin Nasse ’93 serves as Director of Technology at Thornton Academy and is a Dorm Parent in Stasio Hall. Under Ben’s leadership, Thornton has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School. Read the story on p.4. Cover photo by Ben Nasse. CONTRIBUTORS Postscripts Editor and Designer Emma Deans loves hearing stories about TA alumni. On the weekends she enjoys reading, walking in the woods, and playing with her golden retriever Annie. After 11 years in the classroom as a teacher of French, Spanish, Geometry, and Geography, Katy Nicketakis will step into a new role as Associate Director of Marketing and Summer Programming this spring. She is particularly excited to share the stories of Thornton Academy with the world and help ot ́Ѽ͍ٕȁݡЁɕ)͍ݔٔ) ɥх ɽݻéɽ́͡ѥɽ)ٕЁѼ չѥ)Ȁ؁Ѡ啅ȁЁQMٕ)ѕɅѥݥѠɅ)ѡQɹѽչ䁅)́݅ɐѼѡ́܁ٕɔ)%ȁɔѥ́͡)ѕɥɥȁѼѡ)ݥѠȁ)́ ɕȁٕЁ) չ=ɕͽє)1Y٥́Ց)Ѽݽɭɍչѥ́)́ɹɕͽɍ̸)Ḿ ȁ ɍ)ͅȰIхɥ%ѕɅ)٥ͽȰQ5ѽȁAɽɅ) ɑѽȸ)́ɕѽȁٕа)1ͅ1AɅ!Ցȁ)ݥѠ͍ѥٕ)ݡɔͥє)Qɹѽ丁]͡e)Ёѡٕ́͡)ѥݥѠȁ)́ͥхЁɕѽȁ)ٕа-ɥ5+dЁٕ́Ѽ͔ȁɹʹ)ɽչѼЁ)ѡɕЁѡ́յɔ)ѼḾ͕ٕ́٥ͽȁѼѡ)Օɥ Ո)٥ɕх́ ȁѡ)Q䁅9܁5)ѵЁЁQͼ)ѕ̸͕́͠!)Չٕ͡؁)!MˊéMѽ䁽)1共䰁 ɅIѥ(