Thornton Academy Postscripts Alumni Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 10

STORY BY KRISSY MAILMAN | PHOTOS BY EMMA DEANS Talking business & community with Maine influencer “I value honesty, integrity, a strong work ethic, and compassion. Giving back makes me a better person.” Jim Godbout ’80 While this interview was taking place at Starbucks, an elderly gentleman sitting nearby suddenly started gasping for air and panicking. Without hesitating, Jim Godbout ’80 ran over to comfort the frightened man and to see how he may be able to help until the paramedics arrived. Once the gentleman was in good hands, Jim walked back over to complete the interview without skipping a beat. Named one of the Top Fifty Influential People in Maine, Rotarian of the Year, recipient of the Rotary Humanitarian award, as well as Saco’s Outstanding Community Service award, and 10 several accolades for the success of Jim Godbout’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, one might think Jim has accomplished everything he’s set out to do. Not so. “My goal is to work as long as I can to make as much of an impact on as many people as I can. It’s not what you have, but what you are remembered for.” Forced to grow up quickly, Jim Godbout learned responsibility, hard work, and perseverance at a young age. At five years old, Jim’s twin brother, John, died of leukemia. His father left the family shortly afterward and Jim was in charge of helping to raise his younger brothers. Aside from having to help with the cooking and cleaning, Jim went to work at age 12. “All the money I made went to family and paying the bills. That was not common back in my generation. I learned early on that my work ethic and drive could help the people I cared about most.” During his high school years, Jim had ongoing health issues that made academics a challenge. He was disinterested in class work and needed a better option. With the suggestion of his guidance counselor, Richard Beaumont, and Headmaster Jim Jortberg, he was introduced to Jim Godbout Plumbing and Heating, Inc. has been named one of the top 100 Plumbing & HVAC companies in the U.S. nume ɽ)ѥ̸)QɹѽéɅѥٔ)ՍѥɽɅȁٽѥ)Ʌյѥ))͕́ݱ䁅եɕͭ́Ѽ)ѥՔѥ́今qQ)ɽɅ՝Օ)$݅́ՍѼٔͽхѥ)ѕ́ѽ́ɥѥ)ЁQt)Qɕ啅́ѕȁɅՅѥ))ɥ́ݥ1幸չ))ЁAյ!ѥ)]ЁхѕЁݥѠ))ݼѕ́́ɽݸѼ)啕̸)éͥ́́)ѡѽAյ(!Y ́ѡTL)յɽ́ѥ̸q'eѕˊL)ѡӊé܁'eٔեЁ䁉̸ͥ)$ɅєݥѠݡɔ)͵ѕȁѡQɽѼ)ѡЁٕ'eٔͼչє)䁱ѼٔѡЁٔ)t))éͽ䁥ͥ́)չ䁡́Ѽ)ᅵqIѥ́͡ݥѠ)ɔݡЁѕȁЁѼ5䁱ٔ)ȁ݅ѥѼѡ)́ݡЁɥٕ́'eЁѕɕѕ)ѕɥѥѡ̸$مՔ)ѕɥ䰁ɽݽɬѡ)ͥ٥́)ѕȁͽ$ɹѡЁ)ѥɽ]-䃊d)]ٔѡѼٔͼՍ)Ѽѡ̰$eЁ今t)Q䰁)́ѡɥ٥ɍ)II]ɽɅ)ѡЁɅ́٥Յ́)́ѼɕЁɕЁɕ)՜͔ݡЁѡչ)Ѽɽєѡ䁉٥)ݥѡЁѡՕ́)՝́ȁѡȁ͕Չх̸+q$ѡ ɐM)Iх ՈѼɕ)Չх͔ȁչ)Q́ɔͽѡɑ)ݽɭ$ܸ=ȁͥ)ѠՍѥɕٕѥt)Q́Ѽѡ ɐMIх)II ѕЁ啅Ȱ)Qɹѽѥѕ)ѡ͍éЁՅ͕ɥ́I)I]ٕ́ՑՕ)̰ɕ͕хѥѡ՜)ɍЁ䰁ͥձѥ)չɥ٥х)иQٕ́ݕɔѼѡ)ѥɔչ䁅ɕѼѕ+q$ٔѥѠM) ɐչѥ́Ѽ)ٔͥѥٔՕѽe)́ՍѥȁѠ$)ѼեɅѠ)ѽ䁅́䁵ѽ́ȁ$)ɕЁѼչ5䁽)́ݥѠͽՕ̸)Qɔɔѕɹѥٕ́Ѽ՝́Ս)́хѥչɔ)ɍ͔t))ͼɅ́Ց́Ѽ)͔ѼѡЁѡɽ՝)é̸=)é)͕հ́́ɽͱ)ѥՑ́Սѥ)ɽɅ́ѡЁݥѕȁѡ)ɔqQɹѽéMQ4(MQɥ)5ѡѥ̤ɽɅ́ݡɔ)ȁɔ̸]ɽ)ѡѥ́́)ͽ丁MՑ́Ѽ͡)хѱ丁'eͼ՝ٽє)QɹѽéѕɹѥՑ)ձѥ%Ёɥٕ́ͥѼ)ՑЁձѥͽѡЁ)Q䰁ѡݡݽɱ)ѕt)%ͥ)݅ѕѼɔѼ)ѡݥͅɽ胊qI)ٕٔ役eЁѽɅєѡ)єɕȁѡЁՔ)ѡ́չ丁]ٔѡݕ)Ѽձѥمє%ݔɔݽɭ)ѽѡȰݔɕєͽɕٕ今t)Qȁݡ)ɱ)䁹ٕȁЁɽչѼѡ)!ݕٕȰ)éЁѕɕѕѡ)Ը!́Ѽͥѥٔ)ɕ́չ䰁̄(