Thomasville Scene February / March 2019 - Page 78

Install hardwood floors Real estate agents report that homes with hardwood floors tend to sell faster and for more money. Hardwood floors add timeless charm to any home and consistently show up on the wish lists of potential buyers. While they may cost more than carpet or la- minate flooring, they last longer and are more likely to pay off in the long run. If your home has wall-to- wall carpeting, consider having the carpets taken out and the original hardwood floors restored before put- ting your home on the market. Keep in mind that engineered wood flooring can be a good alternative if you’re renovating on a budget. 4 Renovate the kitchen 5 78 February - March 2019 Thomasville Scene According to many real estate experts, the kitchen is the room that matters the most when selling your home. When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, however, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great return on your investment. Even minor upgrades can increase your home’s overall value and improve the look and feel of your kitchen. Repainting walls, refurbishing cabinets, updating hard- ware, installing modern appliances and replacing countertops are all cost-effective changes you can make that will likely lure in potential buyers and pay off big during the sale of your house.