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• Find your muse. The first step to creating a gallery wall is to choose a theme. If floral prints are your thing or you love abstract art, build your gallery around these elements. You can even use color or frame style as the coordinating factor. • Take your time. Some people rush into cre- ating gallery walls, and that can be a mistake. Spend time picking out pieces and trying different combinations before you take out the hammer and hardware. The mix should be captivating and look like it was a curated collection. Some pieces can be high-end, while others may be picked up at flea markets or even be your own artwork or photography. TOWN & COUNTRY • Experiment with dimensions and lev- els. Gallery walls need not be restricted to flat photos on a wall. Texture and depth can be used in wall designs. Intersperse shelving, sconces, wooden letters, clocks, and more to make the gallery even more eclectic. Feel free to build the gallery around items that are in the house, such as windows or televisions. This can help electronics blend into the design. • CARPETS • HARDWOOD • Establish your focal point. Pottery Barn suggests making the center of the display at eye level, roughly 66 inches off the ground. Then build the gallery out from around that focal point. There are many patterns that can be built into the gallery, from “spiral” to “centered” to “reflec- tion” designs. TILE VINYL • Create a template. Lay the gallery design on the floor and cut newspapers or other paper to the size of each piece. Use masking tape to po- sition these guides on the wall, trying a few ar- rangements until you are happy with the finished product. Then replace the paper with the artwork. AREA RUGS • Hang items with precision. Don’t skimp on technique. Use a ruler, level and the right tools. This ensures pieces are straight and in line with others. Gone are the days when large pieces of art- work fill empty walls. Gallery designs add state- ments and can balance rooms in creative ways. 195 McLaughlin Street Pelham, GA 31779 229-294-9357 208188-1 Thomasville Scene February - March 2019 75