Thomasville Scene February / March 2019 - Page 71

The red throw adds a pop of color to the soft grey and black of the love seat. The sconces are from a Sea Island residence. Addison does take one bit of advice from her mother, Tawa- nna McKenzie. It’s a phrase that she has heard all her life. “It’s better to have bought and returned than never to have bought at all,” McKenzie said. Addison’s strong sense of proportion and visual aware- ness helps her to understand how pieces of a design will fit together to create the intended interior environment. The designer offered advice to mix it up and don’t be com- pletely perfect. By mixing it up, people will feel comfortable and will want to sit down on a sofa or in a chair. Her favorite designer is Jo- anna Gaines. “She breaks rules. I also throw out the decorating rules and do the unexpected. Not ev- erything is set in stone. It must have character and look like my client, not me,” Addison said. She added that she does give her clients her opinion and might advise against a certain look, but in the end, it’s what the client wants. Clients also dictate how slow or fast a proj- ect comes together. For Addison, a Thomasville native, her interior design career was sparked by her mother. She loved it and was constantly re- decorating their home. “I was always tripping over the furniture, because my mother kept moving things around,” a laughing Addison said as she looked at her mother, who joined in the laughter. Thomasville Scene February - March 2019 71