Thomasville Scene February / March 2019 - Page 64

| real estate | The Powers Family Lexi Kate, Blakeley, Meredith and Danny The unpretentious duo are laid back and re- laxed by nature. They genuinely want to help their clients to get what they want and emphasize cus- tomer service is their top priority. They specialize in residential but can sell all types of property. The team added they have been hungry and no one will outwork them while giving 100 per- cent. They can relate to their clients, especially the ones with young children. Both parents of two youngsters, they understand when a client, who has children, spends time cleaning up their house, gets frustrated when the showing is canceled. “If a customer doesn’t really want to purchase a property, then we don’t want them to buy it. We are not going to pressure a client. We have the best work ethic of anybody in the industry,” associate broker Brinson said. 64 February - March 2019 Thomasville Scene They also heaped praises on FTR owner/bro- ker Mills Herndon and FTR office manager Wen- dell Carr. “We very much appreciate Mills Herndon, who has shown character and integrity. Wendell takes care of us so we can assist clients and also takes excellent photographs of our listings,” Pow- ers and Brinson said. Powers and Brinson both shared their love of family and church. “We put God in everything we do. You let Him lead and and follow the Bible no matter what. We live out what the entire Bible says. Our faith is a very big part of everything we do,” said Brinson. “My favorite Bible verses are Malachi 3:10- 12. We live by them. Anything we have is a bless- ing,” Powers said.