Thomasville Scene February / March 2019 - Page 63

Brinson started dating Powers’ sister, Dee, and they became business partners in 2005 when the two, and their now-wives, Dee and Meredith, started DDP Monograms & Gifts. In 2006, Brinson married Powers’ sister, Dee. Friends became family. “The success of DDP has allowed us to have a second career. We remain involved as far as being a part of the decision making process but we have great employees to run everything,” Powers said. They are committed 100 percent to their real estate careers, he added. Powers’ dad, Dan, ignited the real estate interest in him as he helped him buy his first rental house and his mother had sold real estate in North Caro- lina. “Dee and I started flipping houses. We would fix one up, live in it for a while and sell it. We are on our sixth house. We enjoy the process and felt we could provide the service to others using our knowl- edge,” Brinson said. Together the two make a good real estate team at First Thomasville Realty. The brothers-in-law never want to let each other down. They always want to be successful and everyone they are around to be successful, also. Clients are assured they are getting a hard-work- ing team that works on everything together. “We want to be available and do what it takes to be the best with good customer service. If we’re not, then why do it?” real estate agent Powers said. The Brinson Family Beau, Dee, Kenley and Jason Thomasville Scene February - March 2019 63