Thomasville Scene February / March 2019 - Page 56

| remembrance | He enjoyed having fun and anything related to having a ball. Any ball would do, including ten- nis, golf, ping pong, baseball, bas- ketball and especially football. He thought every team in Thomasville was a champion. He loved the people immensely. If he temporarily forgot your name, he would simply call you brother or sister. He liked it when you called him Brother Milton. He al- ways welcomed new ministers to town and appreciated their help in spreading the word of God’s love. He loved God and his family most of all. He spoiled our mother thoroughly throughout their mar- riage of 60 years. When he spoke to her, his voice even changed to something akin to cane syrup. He often remarked he could not imag- ine life without her. He had an affinity for little things in life. He appreciated ser- mons and meetings that were short and relevant. He would rather sit at the children’s table to eat. He fa- vored kittens and puppies to snug- gle and stroke. His eyes would light up at a little joke or the suggestion of a snack. He understood that size did not diminish something’s value.  A few days before his death, he told his youngest grandson while boys were great, he absolutely pre- ferred being around girls. He said they were more fun and interesting and made things magical. I often heard people ask him, “ ‘Didn’t you want some sons?’ ” He always re- plied, “ ‘No, I always thought living in a girls’ dormitory would be fun, so I made my own.’ ” 56 February - March 2019 Thomasville Scene