Thomasville Scene February / March 2019 - Page 54

| remembrance | ‘The best it’s ever been’ Rev. Milton C. Gardner lived in the moment written by Karen Gardner Kelso | photos from the private Gardner family collection emembering Milton C. Gardner is easy if you are from South Geor- gia. Some say they are American by birth, but Southern by the grace of God. Milton Gardner, my father, believed that. He was heard saying, “ ‘We have nothing to do with where we are born but something to do with where we die.” He died in a place he thought was a little bit of heaven on Earth — Thomasville, Georgia. Simply look around, and you will likely spot something Gardner admired, respected, liked, enjoyed or loved. He liked the plants, especially the roses. I never heard him com- plain about the pollen. He knew it meant the pecans and peaches were coming. He admired the businesses, healthcare options and educa- tional community. He knew the institutions enriched us all. He respected the public ser- vants and their commitments and sacrifices. 54 February - March 2019 Thomasville Scene