Thomasville Scene February / March 2019 - Page 45

| love stories | Fairy Tale... Our 50 Years Ellen Thomas Cox and Jerry Cox O nce upon a time, long, long ago in 1965, in the city of Cairo, in the state of Georgia, in the country of United States of America a very special love story began. There was a classroom at the high school with many “motor mouth” girls, several very shy, quiet young men and a teacher named Mr. Tootle. Each class was enjoyed by all but especially by the “motor mouth” girls. Not only were these young ladies learning geometry in a fun classroom, but they were also learning to socialize in a big way. One day the young new teacher decided he needed to separate a couple of the young ladies who couldn’t seem to remain quiet. What did he do — he placed one of these very quiet, shy young men be- tween two of the most talkative girls. Well after sev- eral days the young ladies took it upon themselves to simply include this young man in their conversa- tions! So . . . oops . . . now there were three. Soon after, one of the “motor mouths” and the young man began to talk more and more. They chatted not only in class but outside of class. It wasn’t long before the two were dating. By the end of the school year, the two had received a good grade in geometry and were best friends as well. These two best friends will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on June 14th of this year. That same teacher is still very much in their lives and continues to be a positive influence. Because they were so young, they heard the ex- pressions, “they are too young,” “they don’t even know what love is,” “just give it a little while.” They heard all of these things. After obtaining college degrees and working in their chosen fields, these two were blessed with three beautiful children and now nine precious grandchildren. Who were these two you may be thinking? We — Ellen Thomas Cox and Jerry Cox — are so happy. These last 50 years together have given us many joys! From our children, to our children- in-law, and our grandchildren, to our family and friends — we are so blessed. During our marriage we had the opportunity to live across this great country. We are the lucky ones. Our marriage may not have always been roses, there’s been a few thorns, but when we didn’t have roses we had wild- flowers. Thirteen years ago, we settled back in our hometown to live out our fairy tale that began 50 years ago. Thomasville Scene February - March 2019 45