Thomasville Scene February / March 2019 - Page 20

| gardening | Gloxinias indicate love at first sight. Primroses declare, “I can’t live without you.” Primroses White dittany flowers symbol- ize love and passion and are said to be an aphrodisiac. Ardent lovers in Crete used to clamber up moun- tains and down into deep gorges to gather them as love tokens. His- torically, dittany of Crete has also been prized for its medicinal pow- ers. Today, Crete’s wild dittany is protected by law but the plant’s cultivation is approved. American dittany (Cunila orignaoides) does not hold the same reputation as Dittany of Crete (Origanum dict- amnus), Romantic Love Jasmine has been a symbol of love for centuries. Its message is one of love and sensuality that in- cludes kindness, beauty, elegance, nobility and grace. Jasmine is de- rived from a Persian word mean- ing “the gift from God.” Add to all those wonderful aspects Jasmine’s fabulous fragrance and we have a truly extraordinary flower of love. Jasmine Orchids symbolize love, lux- ury and delicate beauty. Peonies embody romance, good fortune and a happy mar- riage. 20 February - March 2019 Thomasville Scene Secret Love Today, acacia indicates a se- cret love. In such European coun- tries as Italy, men give acacia flowers to women as a symbol of love on March 8, which is Interna- tional Woman’s Day. Historically, the ancient acacia has always rep- resented renewal and immortality due to its evergreen nature. The Ark of the Covenant was made of acacia wood overlaid with gold. Another flower that symbol- izes a secret love is the gardenia. It also conveys the sentiment, “You’re lovely.” Its color signifies purity. Conclusion Orchid Did I miss your favorite ro- mantic flower? If so, I apologize. It does not mean that your flower does not “qualify.” I simply missed it for some reason. In addition, cer- tain flowers might have a special significance for you and your loved one – only the two of you. That is a wonderful thing. It is what love and romance are all about! Happy Valentine’s Day. This article was written by Thomasville Garden Club member, Pat Pankey, as a service to the community. Thomasville Garden Club, Inc. welcomes new members. If you are interested, please contact Membership Chair Helen Huddleston at 229-200-7295 or any current member. The Garden Center has a library of books about gardening that are available not only to garden club members but also to the general public. To access the library or to visit the Garden Center, please contact Julia Singletary at 226-5291 (the Garden Center telephone number) or any current member. You may contact Carla Inman at 229-403-6048 if you are interested in renting the Garden Center for an event. The Garden Center is al- ways open to the public on the Wednesday before the first Friday of every month, September through May. Please visit our website at and find us on Facebook.