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L.O.L Surprise! House Pomsies Patches Plush The L.O.L Surprise! House is the ultimate des- tination for all your L.O.L Surprise! Dolls. The cool wooden house is three stories high and comes with a working elevator, lights and sounds throughout and more than 85 surprises. Relax in the real pool or go to the spa, and let L.O.L Surprise! Pets have a play date in the sandbox. For ages 3 and older. Price: $189 at Pomsies are wearable pom-pom pets. They react when you touch and play with them, with more than 50 different responses such as purring, eating and singing. A brush is included with each Pomsie to give them extra love and care. For ages 3 and older. Price: $14.99 at Avengers Hero Inventor Kit The Avengers Hero Inventor Kit from littleBits lets kids become their dream superhero. Iron Man guides kids through making a high-tech gauntlet so they can step into training and create their identity. For ages 8 and older. Price: $149.99 at shop.lit- Cozmo Limited Edition Cozmo is your robot sidekick with a big brain and an even larger personality. Program him using the cosmos app and watch him to do a victory dance, sneeze, play games with his three included cubes and more. You can play games with Cozmo too, and try to beat his robot wits. For ages 8 and older. Price: $179.99 at Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer Go on a dino adventure with Blue the raptor. Blaze over hard surfaces and grass at up to six miles per hour. Open and close Blue?s mouth manually for some fierce chomping action. A parent-con- trolled option is included. For ages 36 months and older. Price: $279.99 at Don’t Step In It Game Unicorn Edition Spin the spinner and take that many steps while blindfolded across the game mat. Be careful to not step on the unicorn droppings! Whoever avoids the most poop wins. For ages 4 and older. Price: $19.08 at Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck playset Marshall’s Rescue Fire Truck set from Spin Master comes equipped with flashing lights and sounds, extendible ladder and a cart that’s stored inside. For ages 3 and older. Price: $59.99 shop. The Prometheus MXVIII-20K lets you aim and fire at a speed of 100 feet per second. Choose the red or blue team with one of two included flags and take down your opponent while firing 200 rounds at a time. The blaster features a trigger lock, tactical rail and shoulder strap. For ages 14 and older. Price: $199.50 at cont. >>> Thomasville Scene December 2018 - January 2019 69