Thomasville Scene December 2018 - January 2019 - Page 43

range from caregiving advice for a family member with dementia, to resilience in difficult situations, to setting goals for success in life. Her book includes some of her most requested topics and newspaper articles, edited with updated information. Betty has put her heart and soul into It’s Going To Be All Right! It is an instruction manual for a life well lived. Written for families, healthcare workers, family caregivers, and grandmothers, or anyone looking to live an exceptional life, Betty’s book gives readers: • Guidelines on how to be a positive influence in the lives of others • Personal stories that encourage, inspire, and give hope • Instruction on staying young while aging • Taking care of a family member with dementia • Assurance that faith in God yields peace and com- fort, no matter the circumstances Assisted Living and Memory Care Community for fifteen years. Her tireless volunteer service includes the Alzheimer’s Association of Southwest Georgia, the Red Hills Gerontology Association, and the Jim Neill Foundation. She founded an award-winning Alzheimer’s/Dementia support group in Thomasville and initiated the Walter Sawyer Memorial Day Pro- gram for respite care. Currently, she serves as Am- bassador for Legacy Village at Plantation Manor. She says that she has “retired” twice, but anyone who knows her will tell you she has not slowed down by much! You may know Betty from her articles in the Times-Enterprise newspaper’s magazines, “Health Matters” and “Senior Living.” The various topics If Betty Sawyer writes a book, it definitely in- cludes humor! Someone who read the manuscript stated that it seems as if Betty is chatting and laugh- ing over lunch with friends. Will there be another book from Betty Sawyer? Ansley may be on the right track with her ad- vice for grandchildren who have a family member with dementia. If Betty’s granddaughters can con- vince her, they would like to see her write a book for children on how to have a loving relationship, despite the illness of dementia. I guess we will see how persuasive they are with their “MeMo.” It’s Going To Be All Right! is available at Rayann’s Christian Bookstore in Thomasville, Georgia, Ama- zon, and other online outlets. Thomasville Scene December 2018 - January 2019 43