Thomasville Scene December 2018 - January 2019 - Page 42

| book | Written for family, lessons for us all by Sue Keith Betty Sawyer Sometimes your influence can be seen in the actions of your grandchildren. Just one example of that for Betty Sawyer came in April of 2015. She presented a letter, writ- ten by her granddaughter, Ansley Ragan Evans, during the Dr. Jim Neill Memory Walk for Alzhei- mer’s Awareness. As described in Betty’s book, you can see the re- flection of her grandmother in her words. 42 December 2018 - January 2019 Thomasville Scene “The fact that you are all here today implies that you each in some way have been affected by this horrible disease, and for that, I am truly sorry. Today, I want to address the grandchildren of those who have Alzheimer’s disease. I have only one piece of advice. Do not shy away from your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.” Ansley goes on to describe the wonderful relationship she had with her “Papa,” Betty’s hus- band who had dementia. What she remembers of that time with him are the rare moments of clar- ity, the teasing and laughter they shared, and many other precious memories of their love for each other. It is a story of choosing the positives over the negatives of a situation. It’s Going To Be All Right! is Betty Sawyer’s gift to her family, a timeless legacy. It’s Going To Be All Right! is a book that shares Betty’s ap- proach to life, which includes showing unconditional love to others, having a positive attitude through many of life’s challenges, and the importance of taking care of yourself so that you can care for others. For those of you who know Betty, you will not be sur- prised by much of her book, but you will be amazed by the depth of it. For those of you who do not know her, what a treat you have in store for you! Betty’s book is a combination of the talents and skills of her loving family. Her daughter, Beth Ragan, wrote the Afterword, a heartfelt tribute to her mother. Her son, Richard Sawyer, cre- ated the artwork on the cover, entitled “South of Thomasville.” Her granddaughters, Ansley and Amanda Ragan Ritter, were her cheerleaders and helped in count- less ways. Betty Sawyer has given her life in service to others. Betty holds a Bachelor of Sci- ence Degree in Social Work. She retired from the State of Georgia after thirty years of service. After her retirement from the State, Betty served as Director of Social Services at Plantation Manor