Thomasville Scene December 2018 - January 2019 - Page 39

  Team Live Better reflects the part- nership between the YMCA and Live Better, the Archbold Medical Center-led collaborative with a goal of improv- ing the overall health of the citizens of Thomas County.      Kim Smith, Health and Wellness Director at the Y, leads the program’s second phase along with the YMCA wellness staff. They create a one on one relationship with participants to really get to know each person’s goals and how to reach them long-term. Smith stated, “This phase is more hands on, with useful information to help par- ticipants meet or maintain weight loss goals.” Participants can also earn ad- vantage points through the second phase with various activities throughout the 12-week program. Activities included weigh-ins, the kickoff event, nutritional talk, a cooking class, and more.  Partic- ipants use their points at the end of the program towards prizes that encourage healthy living. At the conclusion of the last year’s program, final results were announced at an awards ceremony.  Winners were the team Athicktion who lost over 19 per- cent of their team body weight. The win- ning team took home a total cash prize of $2,000. Team members were Leslie Doughty, Brian Doughty, Tim Hurst, Sam Cornwell, and Pam Cornwell. The top female winner was Rebekah Anglea from the team Zacadont’s who took home a cash prize of $400 for her 21.8 percent weight loss. Sam Cornwell of Athicktion was the top male winner and took home $400 for his 23.5 per- cent weight loss. The 2019 Team Lean Challenge will kick off Saturday, January 5. For more information on Team Lean or any other YMCA programs visit, call 229-226-3446 or email to Thomasville Scene December 2018 - January 2019 39