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| Miss Kitty | Miss Kitty Abandoned kitten describes long, enviable life with adoring mommy by Annie-Joyce Dozier | Photos from the private collection of Miss Kitty M y mother was a beautiful Sia- mese. She was encountered by a handsome, charming cad of a cat who did know the meaning of the word pedigree. They fell in love. I and my three brothers resulted from the romance, but we were a very unpopular little foursome. We were so unpopular, in fact, that we were ripped way from our mother and abandoned as new- borns only because we were not Siamese. That did not mean we did not have feelings or that we did not need our mother’s nurturing or that we were any less lovable and ador- able. We were white kittens with gray stripes on our ears, feet and tails where dark points would have appeared on white Siamese kittens. We wound up in foster care. The nice lady who took us in had her hands full with four kittens who had to be fed many times a day. Because we did not have the benefit of our mother’s milk, we were sus- ceptible to medical problems that 30 December 2018 - January 2019 Thomasville Scene attack abandoned animals. Even- tually, I seemed to be OK, but my brothers did not survive. Then I got sick again. A second wonderful lady — with a soft spot for Siamese — be- came my second foster mom. I had a respiratory disease that mani- fested itself not only in my lungs, but in my mouth, nose and eyes. I had internal and external parasites of every variety. The vet told my mommy I probably would not make it. She stuck with me and helped me breathe and eat and kept my nose and eyes as clean as she could. I sur- prised everyone by getting well. Because I had been through so much, I was skittish and did not like anyone but my mommy. I was OK physically, but the abandon- ment and illnesses had affected me emotionally. I did not trust anyone but Mommy and still do not to this day — more than 14 years later. When someone comes to our house, I hide. I listen to the voice of the visitor and might show my face, but probably not. I hide under the cover on Mommy’s bed and listen.