Thomasville Scene December 2018 - January 2019 - Page 26

| aj moonspin | Health Department, the City of Thomasville Utilities and Building departments, the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce, the Thomasville Fire Department and the Thomasville City Police, have all gone out of their way to support us and keep us moving forward. No business is better than its employees. Our kitchen staff is dedicated and reliable. They are the backbone of everything we do. No matter how great the food, a restaurant cannot succeed without the smiles for the customers out front. Josh and I have been blessed with wonderful managers and servers. We thank them at the end of every shift, but they have no idea how valued and appreciated they really are. Of course, the most amazing group to whom we owe thanks is our customers. Our customers are the best people in the world. Some followed us from our previous place of employment and many have been Moonspinners for many years. They have encour- aged us and continued to visit Moonspin over and over again. Some of our regulars come two or three times a week. It is hard to separate friends from customers. Great people make great friends and Josh and I are blessed and honored to have so many. Our customers not only support the business, they help out in extraordinary ways. They have helped us paint, hang signs and even lay a patio on a very hot day. Our friends with trucks and trail- Billiard Academy, Jonah’s, the Chop House, Sweet Grass and Savannah Moon, have all supported us in ways both large and small. From directing us to the best place to buy equipment to loaning us straws. Everyone has lent a hand. The comradery found among downtown Thom- asville merchants is astounding. It is one of my fa- vorite things about being here. In theory, we should all be competitors, but, in Thomasville, we are team- mates. There is a feeling of togetherness because we all want each other to succeed. I think this spirit of goodwill comes down from the city offices. The Main Street offices have been assisting us from the first day we opened. The Thomasville City Council, the Thomas County 26 December 2018 - January 2019 Thomasville Scene