Thomasville Scene December 2018 - January 2019 - Page 24

| aj moonspin | It takes a Village by Allison Cohenour  photos submitted T buying the building or just the busi- homasville is a wonderful city. It is a place ness? Who is your accountant, your where dreams come true for up and coming attorney, your banker? Do you entrepreneurs. The holidays are all about have an LLC?” We did not know being thankful for friends and family. At aj the answers to these questions. moonspin, we would like to take some time Our customers helped us find to express our gratitude to the city of Thom- the perfect professionals. Profes- asville as well. Josh Smith and I had been helping a friend at his sionals who were patient and took restaurant about five years ago. I was a grant writer the time to explain everything we and Josh was a massage therapist; neither of us knew needed to know. They helped un- anything about serving when we began. We both derstand the business aspects of our loved waiting tables and talking undertaking as we to our customers. It is a great job. went along. In a big When a mutual friend commented city, your insurance on how well we worked together ...the wonderful salesman will sell and how hard we worked, we de- you a policy, but people of cided to purchase our own place. It I doubt he would took a while to save enough money, take hours of his Thomasville but when Moonspin came on the time helping you be- were ready, market, we decided to jump. come better leaders. How hard could owning a Another town’s ac- willing and restaurant be? Because we could ef- countant will process able to help us ficiently run the front of the house, your payroll, but he we assumed we knew everything. might not take the time to help you along our way. Suddenly we were in the pizza busi- understand QuickBooks. ness and we found out that we had Many kind and caring Thomasvil- no idea what we were doing. lians spent countless hours making We learned two things the first day — owning a sure we understood exactly what we needed to restaurant required a lot of knowledge which we did know and why. Our new landlord was there, not not have and the wonderful people of Thomasville to just rent us his property, but to help us develop were ready, willing and able to help us along our our plans for growing our business by sharing his way. Local professionals, downtown merchants, the enormous experience. The people who helped us the city offices, our families, our friends and our cus- most however, were the other downtown restaura- tomers all reached out to help us be successful. teurs. From our very first notion of becoming restau- Josh and I cannot be thankful enough for the rateurs, the citizens of Thomasville began helping support from the other restaurant owners. They us. Financial advisors helped us ask the right ques- have all helped us as we’ve moved along our new tions. “Have you seen the P&L statement? Are you path. Friends at Liam’s, the “Q”, the Plaza, the 24 December 2018 - January 2019 Thomasville Scene