Thomasville Scene December 2018 - January 2019 - Page 20

| Allen, Mooney and Barnes | 10,000 cluster lights, butterflies, pine cones, magno- lia blooms and turkey feathers, to name a few, bring the tree to life. The simply spectacular glowing tree is topped off with the same angel, that seems to reach to the heavens, used for 18 years. “We love to show off our tree and we invite the community to come by to see it,” said Tom Fair- cloth, who handles PR and advertising for the firm. “A couple with two children were walking by and peaked in the through the door. We invited them in and they had a fit over the tree. They took photos and to our delight they said they would be using one for their Christmas card next year,” he added. Faircloth has been collecting the ornaments used on the tree since 2000 and the same ones are used year after year. He’s purchased them in Thomasville, Atlanta and Tallahassee. When he sees something special, he purchases one or a series of them. “We make the decorations indicative of our area. We think about what most people would think of a Thomasville Christmas tree and one that’s true to our area. That’s how the ornaments are selected,” he said. The history of the AMB Christmas tree is also deeply rooted in the Main Street program, which begin in the 1980s. “When Tom Faircloth was mayor and I was city manager, the downtown Main Street program began with a big help from the late Marguerite Neel Wil- liams. Tom planted the trees and, now 20 years later, downtown has turned into a year-round Christmas village. It is absolutely beautiful and on the move,” Allen said. 20 December 2018 - January 2019 Thomasville Scene