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| home & garden | How to identify poison ivy P Metro Creative oison ivy is an unwelcome guest on many properties. Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize the presence of poison ivy on their property until it’s too late and they’ve already fallen victim to the uncomfortable, itchy red rash that is the plant’s hallmark. According to, a website provid- ing information about poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac, the rash from poison ivy may first appear as just a slight itchy spot. But that spot will gradually get worse and can even cover your entire body with giant red sores if left untreated or if it 84 April - May 2019 Thomasville Scene goes undetected for too long. That only highlights the importance of learning to recognize poison ivy on a property and taking the appropriate measures to prevent anyone from coming into contact with it. Is all poison ivy the same? Many people may be surprised to learn that all poison ivy plants are not one and the same. Poi- notes that there are different types of poison ivy in different places, so curious homeown- ers should visit the site to determine how to identify the type of poison ivy specific to where they live. Eastern Poison Ivy grows on the ground, climbs and