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Wheel Alignment Minor & Major Car Repairs • Speak with a landscaper about planting new grass. Certain types of grass, such as Ber- Ponder’s Automotive, Inc. muda grass, can withstand dog damage better than others. Local climate will dictate which types of grass are likely to thrive in a given area, so speak with a professional landscaper about the viability of planting new grass. 1052 West Jackson St. Thomasville, GA 31792 FAX (229) 228-5386 • Install fencing. Pet owners with expansive yards can install fencing that allows dogs to spend time exercising outdoors without granting them access to the entire property. Large dogs will need more room than small ones, but try to build fenced-in areas that allow dogs to run freely and get the exercise they need to stay healthy. (229) 228-5779 (229) 228-5789 “We Deb Are In Phillips This Battle Together” Deb Phillips Deb Phillips Associate Broker, Associate Broker, GRI, GRI, CRS CRS Mobile:(229)221-4613 Associate Broker, GRI, CRS Mobile:(229)221-4613 Email: Mobile:(229)221-4613 Email: Email: FIRST THOMASVILLE REALTY LTD • Work with a dog trainer. Dog trainers might 422 Remington Avenue • P.O. Box 1196 FIRST THOMASVILLE REALTY LTD REALT FIRST THOMASVILLE be able to work with dogs so they only uri- nate in certain areas of the yard, greatly re- ducing the damage they can cause to a lawn. Trainers also might help curb digging and clawing behaviors that can damage lawns as well as gardens. Georgia • 31799 422 Thomasville, Remington Avenue P.O. Box 1196 (229)226-6515 • FAX (229)228-7548 422 Remington Avenue • P.O. Box 1196 Thomasville, Georgia 31799 Web: (229)226-6515 • FAX (229)228-7548 Thomasville, Georgia 31799 Web: (229)226-6515 • FAX (229)228-7548 Web: Whiddon-Shiver Funeral Home • Consider hardscaping. Hardscaping might be most effective for pet owners with small properties. Hardscaping does not include grass and can add visual appeal to a prop- erty while saving pet owners the headaches of dealing with dog-related lawn damage. Dogs need time outdoors, and homeowners can take various steps to protect their lawns from dog-related damage. • Private Family Room • Spacious Chapel with 200 guest seating • Advance Funeral Planning • Prepayment Plan 110 Commerce Park, Dr • Thomasville, GA 31757 Serving Thomas Co Since 1934 (Next to Stallings Dodge) 10451 U.S. Highway 84 E. Thomasville, GA Phone: (229) 226-5377 • Fax: (229) 226-8402 229-226-5621 Email: • Greg Glover - Owner Don Shiver Owner/Funeral Director 233375-1 233421-1 Thomasville Scene April - May 2019 83